Cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, transporters, and retailers continue to be challenged by effective tax rates which are higher than in any other industry. The prevalent complexity of the industry results in a challenging cannabis accounting and taxation environment. In fact, lack of adequate planning will affect your cash flow. IRC section 280E poses massive restrictions on deductible expenses, and if not managed by an expert could lead to series consequences from the IRS.

The cannabis industry operates within a dynamic framework of legal, regulatory, and financial challenges. Walker Advisory combines industry insights with financial acumen to deliver comprehensive solutions that align with your cannabis business objectives.

Partnering with Walker Advisory means collaborating with professionals who not only comprehend the nuances of the cannabis industry but also share your dedication to ethical and compliant operations. By entrusting your financial management to us, you can focus on shaping the future of cannabis while knowing that your business’s financial health is in capable hands.

Empower your cannabis business with our unparalleled expertise. Contact us today to embark on a journey of financial excellence that positions your cannabis business at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry.

Walker Advisory wants to help you navigate this journey by freeing up your time and helping you
focus on:

1. Compliance and Regulatory Expertise:

Navigate the intricate web of cannabis regulations with confidence. We help you maintain compliance with ever-changing state and federal requirements, minimizing risks and legal challenges.

2. Tax Strategy and 280E Optimization:

Leverage our expertise to navigate the unique tax landscape of the cannabis industry. We develop tax strategies that maximize deductions and credits while aligning with IRS Code Section 280E.

3. Cost Accounting for Cultivation:

Precisely allocate costs across various cultivation activities. Our services help you assess production expenses, optimize yield, and identify areas for cost containment.

4. Inventory Management:

Efficiently manage cannabis inventory and track the movement of products. We ensure compliance with seed-to-sale tracking requirements while helping you minimize inventory holding costs.

5. Cash Flow Management:

Navigate the volatile cash flow patterns common in the cannabis sector. Our cash flow management solutions help you maintain liquidity, meet
financial obligations, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

6. Financial Reporting for Stakeholders:

Present accurate financial reports to investors, lenders, and partners. Our services enhance transparency and credibility within the cannabis industry.

7. Capital Allocation Strategies:

Make informed decisions regarding capital investments and expansion plans. We provide insights into project feasibility, funding options, and
return on investment analysis.